Residential Leasing

CPH Properties has a wide range of Apartments, and Single Family Houses for lease in New Bedford, and along the South Coast of Massachusetts.   If you are in need of an apartment, now or in the future learn more about our options for residential living

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Commercial Leasing

Have you recently started a business or has your previous location not met your traffic needs?  CPH Properties has you covered, we have several commercial locations located on Acushnet Avenue and Kempton Street two of the busiest streets in New Bedford!

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Property Mangement

Have you recently purchased an Investment Property?  If you are stressing about how you will care for the property or you are having issues with your tenants, let CPH Properties manage your property, and turn your struggling investment into a positive experience for you.

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'Come Home With Confidence'

Stress!  Stress is the leading cause of insomnia, heart disease, depression and various other serious illnesses.  Everyone wants to live a stress free or reduced stress life.  We all know that this is near impossible with every day bills rising, families growing, and uncertainty of the economy and our everyday work life.

With all this in mind, why come home to a stressful environment.   Does your current living situation create stress in your life?  Do you feel like you have no relationship with your current landlord?  Are yo being flat out ignored when simple requests are ordered?

If so, why not try something new?   CPH Properties, has been around for two and a half years on the South Coast of Massachusetts, and prides itself in our Landlord-Tenant relations.  With a variety of unit types and building types we have a place that suites the needs of anyone.   So if stress has you down, why not, 'Come Home With Confidence', with CPH Properties.


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Need an Apartment?  Need A Property Manager? Looking for Commercial Space?   Give us a call or send an e-mail, TODAY!