Our Philosophy

At CPH Properties, we believe in morals, trust, and the closeness of a family.   We not only expect our management team to provide leadership in the community, through respect, and activism, but we expect our tenants to take pride in their community also.

Our Story

CPH Properties became an idea that sprung on long drives with Courtney and Pete, trying to get their youngest son to sleep.   We began looking at real estate on these drives, and Pete would explain which houses we should or should not buy.   In the long run the we saw a niche and a community that could use some positive influence.   Courtney believed in our ability to bring light into peoples life, and I, Pete agreed.  So here we stand two and a half years later, with seventeen residential units and four commercial units, and hopefully more than a handful of tenants we have positively affected.

Our Management Team

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Courtney Holske

Founder & CEO

Courtney has ten years of experience in the management role.  Courtney has worked in Human Resources and Payroll for National Dentex, and Boston Consulting Company.   Courtney brings her vast knowledge to CPH Properties, and her creativity in design help in the design layout of properties.


Peter Holske

Founder & CFO

Pete has been involved in leadership throughout his life.  He brings his years of experience in aviation, to help the direction of CPH Properties.  His college studies in Accounting help him lead in the CFO role.  Pete's energy and enthusiasm, keep everyone on their toes and you never know what is in store next for CPH Properties.

Next Steps...

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